Braille Font True Type
PC- Windows all versions

With this font you will able to write in Braille with Windows (all versions), without any special knowledge.
You only need to type your text normally using your word processing program or your favourite drawing software, selecting the text and choosing the Braille font 28 dot * normal style.
Your text will then appear with all it’s characteristics (size of dots, spacing of dots, spacing of letters, words, lines).

Of course you can also directly type in Braille after having first selected the Braille font.

* For printing, the number of dots depends on your printer,
ink jet or laser, the number varying between 24, 26 and 28 dots.

This font consist of :

  • 48 characters (letters and numbers)
  • 8 punctuation marks
  • 6 mathematical signs
  • 3 signs which precede capital letters, italics and numbers

Mainly for :

  • Schools
  • Institutes
  • Associations

Application :
>> The teaching of Braille to those with visual deficiencies and those without
>> The reproduction of text on embossed Minolta paper (thermo-formed) for the blind (pictures and captions)

For technical and logical reasons :
keypad " < " = numerical sign (precedes a number)
keypad " & " = capital sign (precedes a capital letter)
keypad " $ " = italic sign (precedes an italic letter)

The evaluation version is called Xb99.TTF
The complete version is called Braille.TTF

How to install with Windows 95/98/ME/XP/8/7/10:
Put the Braille.TTF file in FONTS directory

Characters which will enable you to test the font are following (Xb99.TTF) :
braille font true type police (15 letters available + capital sign).



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